December 31st

So, here’s the end of The Year Of The Ted. It’s amazing to be able to look back at a full year of Ted’s life in photos and see how much he’s changed. Even better than the photos are the memories I’ve recorded – the firsts, the funnies and the fears.

Being Ted’s Mum has changed my life. It’s changed the whole world. This past year has been the happiest of my life.

20130103-220105.jpg (December 31st 2012, Grantham)

Any future siblings of Ted’s probably won’t get their own Year Of to document their lives in this amount of detail – it’s been difficult managing two jobs, two blogs and a family – but I’m glad I found the time to give this one a go.

Looking back at these photos and the tales that go with them makes me happier than Ted will ever know.

20130103-220240.jpg(January 1st 2013, Skegness)

Happy new year, little Ted. It’s been the best year ever.

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December 4

There are, of course, a great number of photos I could have chosen from Christmas Day, but this is the one that I want to remember.


Ted got lots of Little People & HappyLand toys for Christmas and after he’d put all of the people and animals into this box he decided to join them, laughing all the while.

Of all the toys he got and all of the games we played this is my favourite memory.

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December 3

This photo may not be very good and it may not seem to show much, but it means a lot to me and my memories of my own childhood.

I remember that pond being built, I remember newts going in and a plastic heron being erected at the side, I remember thinking I’d found Roman pottery nearby, I remember my baby brother crawling around on a blanket, I remember paddling pools and picnics and toys and apples and Echo the horse.

I used to think there could be nothing worse than staying in the town I was born in, but seeing Ted grow up in the places I grew up is pretty special.


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December 2

IphoneMidDec12 033


Christmas shopping with Mummy, Nanny, Ellie and Uncle James.

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November 30th

IphoneMidDec12 009


My beautiful big grown-up boy.

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December 1

christmas 12 148


This year there will be no christmas photo cards going out as Ted wasn’t too keen on taking part in the photo shoot! This is the closest we got to a festive photo!

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November 5

ponedec2012 226


Here’s me with my boy in rare showing-my-face shocker!

This photo was proof that sometimes he wants snuggles!

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